Greenfields Research (Pty Ltd) Limited focuses on business and market intelligence. Our services include brand tracking,  defining the overall effectiveness of your value proposition, understanding market and customer perceptions for competitive advantage.

brand tracking
Business and Market intelligence

Our Positioning

Through our international linkages, local capability and market credibility we focus on tailored solutions for our clients. We believe each client deserves individual attention, instead of a "one size fits all" methodology and approach. We believe in actionable results that our clients can take forward to ensure a positive impact on their businesses.

Our Values

Our approach is professional at all times. Our philosophy is to deliver a high quality service in line with your requirements and time frames. 



We believe in maintaining a high level of integrity in our research at all times. We respect the confidentiality of information and data.  We abide by a high standard of research ethics. 



Our approach is a customised one. We develop frameworks for your business around your unique needs. We also recognise that the environment within which we operate is not static and change is inevitable. We continuously adapt to your ongoing needs.


Our Team

Our passionate and committed staff are energetic about supporting our clients. We’re focused on making a measurable impact on your business, with a personalized approach true to each client’s specific situation.

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We build long standing relationships with our clients through our partnership philosophy. We work with key stakeholders and the team in your business to ensure there is full alignment to the task in hand. 



Knowledge to achieve, foresight to lead


Your results are our focus.