Greenfields Research takes time to understand your specific needs and the insights you wish to attain for competitive advantage. We utilise world class research technology and tools that will deliver on your research objectives.

We provide solutions for your business based on our expertise and years of experience. These may be both internal (employee) or external (market, client and customer) focused.

Confident businessman waiting for an int

Our methods range from

An in-house contact centre, sophisticated online (digital) research tools to face-to-face and field research.

Internal research

External Research

Our approach is professional at all times. Our philosophy is to deliver a high quality service in line with your requirements and time frames. 

To ascertain the health of your business from its human capital perspective.

  • Staff attitudinal surveys

  • Climate surveys

  • Employee benefit surveys (pension/provident fund, medical aid, wellness, housing etc.)

  • Any other ad hoc research that may be required from time to time

To gain insight and better understand your markets, customers and competitors.

  • Customer satisfaction or feedback orientation (internal and external CSI) research.

  • Customer experience including Net Promoter Score (NPS).

  • New product or concept development research (to evaluate the potential for introducing new products or derivatives).

  • Advertising awareness, recall and attitudinal research to assess the efficiency of ad-spend.

  • Brand tracking including competitor analysis.

  • Business-to-business research among business clients to determine the nature of service delivery and any improvements that need to be made.

  • Industry Research and benchmark studies.

  • Termination and lost business.

  • Sales effectiveness.

  • Social networking research (internet).


Your results are our focus.