Does your research company have their house in order?

The long-anticipated Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act, which aims to regulate how personal information is processed, is scheduled to come into full effect in 2018. All businesses that collect, manage and use data about individuals or entities will need to comply with the new regulations, which includes ensuring data integrity and security at all times. Businesses will have a one-year grace period following commencement of the POPI Act to make the necessary transition and ensure compliance. Compliance will be monitored and enforced by the Information Regulator, which was established in December 2016 and reports to Parliament. Data subjects will have the right to request access to their information, and will be able to report any violations of the POPI Act to the Information Regulator.

How will your business be affected?

The POPI Act applies to all personal information including data related to employees, clients/customers and suppliers. Businesses need to ensure that they are aware of their obligations related to personal data, and should update their policies accordingly. Industries that will be greatly affected include the health industry, finance, and insurance. Direct marketing via electronic communication will only be permitted with prior consent from individuals. In addition to strict policies and procedures, businesses should consider security safeguards, employee training, monitoring and auditing, and crisis management regarding potential breaches.

What has Greenfields Research done to protect your data?

Market Research companies have a large responsibility to play when using their client’s databases for research purposes. We at Greenfields Research have ensured that we are geared up and prepared for the implementation. This includes storage and accessibility of personal information, prior consent and security safeguards through carefully set up policies and procedures within the organization. These should be requested by you from your chosen research house in order to receive peace of mind.

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